Something Basic

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I havent had much chance to shoot lately, so I am showing some more of my early work  from 2006. I thought it would be nice to upload some pinhole photos, pinhole photography was something I really enjoyed but now as I don’t have access to a darkroom I find it difficult to do. I have shot a few rolls of 35mm off in pinhole cameras but I feel black and white 5×4 print paper is the best medium.

The four images below were all shot on black and white print paper, then developed in a darkroom and scanned into Photoshop.




Christmas day

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So today I managed to get up at 8.00am this morning which was dam early for me on a day off. I took this right at the end of my walk when I noticed the fog was moving in, I spotted the BT tower sticking out the mist so I took three photos before it was completely cover. I did miss the sunrise which was a shame but ended up with a nice interesting image overall it’s all a step in the right direction and something I want to make a habit out and hopefully catch a sunrise.

I am also thing of starting one of those 52 week photo project things, I tried a 365 project last year but failed after a month I might upload some of them onto here in the future.

Grass In The Snow

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This was from my first trip out with my Nikon D700, it was quite a dull and gray day so landscapes were out the question so I went for more of an abstract themed shot. The grass poking out the snow really captured me with the curved shapes of the stems and white snowy background, I enjoyed photographing this playing with the exposure, f-stop settings, focus and even lying in the snow to get a good low angle. Photoshop wise not a lot has been done to it a slight crop, levels adjustment and a bit of dodging and burning, Over all  it’s not really a stunning photo but I belive its interesting clean and nice to look at and something I had fun to produce.

New Camera

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I have got my first FX Nikon camera the D700, I have it here with me now going trough the fat destruction book. I hope to give it a try out tomorrow.


Vally View

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 Heres anther shot from 2006 around christmas time. I was trying out a IR filter on my digital camera which I got as a gift its something  I use now and again but its a royal pain in the ass. I would love to shoot IR film or even get a IR converted digital camera, maybe a future project…

Winters Sunset

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This Photos was taken a couple of days ago I used my Nikon D200 with the 70-300 Vr to isolate the tree. I like this photo its the first sunset I am happy with, but there are a few problems with noise as I had no tripod with me. This was taken in Cannock Chase on one of my days off from work so instead of being bone idle lazy I decieded to brave the weather and go shoot, this is something I need to do more often, I also need a good set of grads but this is something I can’t afford at the moment. 

First Post

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Theses photos were taken in 2006 in a small village called Abermule in Wales.

This was the first time I was proud of the photos I have taken, from that point onwards everything went down hill. I have taken a few decent photos since then but laziness and lack of ambition has stopped me. So as 2010 ends and 2011 begins I hope to kick-start my photography again and use this blog as a way of documenting it.